The "To Do's" page is where you can view, edit and log tasks that you either have assigned to yourself, or your colleagues have asked for your participation.

Quickly Find To Do's to Resolve:

In order to quickly find the work you are looking to document, click on the FILTERS button on the top right:

The filter options will let you find To Do's for a particular group or student, to see to do's for students you are associated with or for those you are no longer associated with; you can search by topic, to do type, the name of the intervention, or assessment as well as if it's an overdue or current to do.

There are two types of information on the To Do list:

Planned support activities (organized by the week the work is planned for):

  1. Goals, 

  2. Interventions, 

  3. Accommodations, 

  4. Progress monitoring assessments,

Collaboration Requests from your Colleagues (pinned to the top of your To Do list):

  1. Insight survey invitations, 

  2. Behavior incident communications (for Managers)

  3. Student access requests (for Managers)

Logging the Different Types of Activity

Logging Goals: To mark a goal as resolved, click on review progress to understand if the goal was met early, met, not met but improving, or not met and not improving. You can choose to either resolve the goal from the student's topic plan and progress page, or from the To Do list. You add any notes and click the checkmark.

Logging Supports for an Individual Student (interventions and accommodations): To mark an activity as complete, modify the session/duration time if needed, click the comment button to add any notes, and then select the checkmark to log the use of the support.

*Clicking on the student's name will take you to their topic plan and progress page, clicking on the support name will open up the support card.

Logging When Supports Did Not Happen: When a support was not provided select the "..." to select common reasons why it was not provided (student absent, teacher absent, school closed, other reason) or you can delete the support activity.

Logging Supports for Groups of Students (interventions and accommodations): When logging activity for a group, you can modify activity for each student as needed, and resolve individually, or you can add a note for all students, and check them all off at once.

Logging Academic Progress Monitoring Assessments: Add the scores for each day the assessment was provided to the student, add any notes, and click the checkmark. 

Logging Behavior Progress Monitoring Assessments: Behavior progress monitors can have either a weekly score field or a daily score field. Add the scores for each day the progress monitor was provided to the student (skip any days it wasn't), add any notes, and click the checkmark when done for the week (data will save automatically).

Resolving Communication Requests

Student Access Requests (for Managers): When a teacher asks for you to provide them access to work with a student, you will see a Student Access Request at the top of your To Do list. You can choose to approve/deny access from the To Do and then click the checkmark when you are done reviewing.

To see documented work on the student's page review this tutorial.

Manage To Do Notifications: To set when you would like to see your To Do reminder notification email, click on MANAGE NOTIFICATIONS on the top right

You will then be prompted to select whether or not you want to receive these notifications and if so on what day of the week.

To-Do List Icons

Below is a consolidated list of the icons used on the Branching Minds to-do list:

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