To create an academic intervention plan, find the student on your STUDENTS page, and either click on the student's name to go to their overview page or click on the topic for the plan, to go straight into planning:

Now on the student's topic PLAN & PROGRESS page, you can add and review goals & progress monitors, interventions & accommodations. and supplemental supports.

Add a goal with a progress monitor and an intervention and accommodation by clicking on the green plus buttons

In order for your goal to be a SMART goal (specific, measurable, assignable, results-focused and time-bound), you will need to describe the goal, select the date for when it should be achieved by, choose who will be responsible for monitoring the goal, decide how you will measure progress for that goal, and if applicable add a goal score to achieve. 

Once you select an assessment, a goal score field will appear:

Once you click save, you will be prompted to select the weeks the progress monitor should be delivered and any additional specifications.

After setting a goal and progress monitor, click the green plus button beneath "Interventions & Accommodations."

Use the filters to find the right learning support for the student in the curated Library. If an Insight Survey has been completed for a student, the recommended interventions will be matched to student's needs, and you can use the "View Survey Results" button to further refine the support recommendations, or search for a support by name by using the search bar below the filters:

Click on any intervention to learn more about the intervention and to add it to the student's intervention plan.

Select "Add to Plan" to use that support in the student's intervention plan. Enter the relevant data about the use of the intervention - the dates, ratio, frequency, duration, who will be responsible for delivering the intervention and any modifications.


Now that you have added the goals & progress monitors, and interventions & accommodations, the plan will be visible from that student's topic "Plan & Progress" page, and each teacher responsible for a role within that plan will see their correlated To-Do's populated for them each week on their To-Do list.

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