Users who have been granted Manage Support Permission are able to set or remove availability of supports for their school and/or district. If a support is marked as available, it will be recommended to teachers when appropriate. If it is marked as unavailable, it will be hidden from teachers' view. 

How to Change the Availability of Supports

To change availability of supports, go to Settings (the small gear icon in the bottom left corner of the page) and click Supports.

From the Manage Support Library page, select the relevant school(s). Then search for a specific support using the Search Bar on the top right.

Alternatively, you can search the supports using the Filters. Select any filters you would like and then click Apply:

The supports will then be listed with a checkbox to indicate if they have been marked as either "available" or "school recommended." Check the box if you would like to change these settings.

If you need to learn more about any of the supports at any point, click on the support icon/title.

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