When a student changes from one school to another, there is a need for the school to provide a copy of the Intervention Report for the student. We have created this feature for district admins to easily generate a report for unenrolled students.

To access the unenrolled students on Branching Minds, click on the "three dots" icon on the right of the search bar under the All Students page.

Click on the 3 dots icon and click on "Search unenrolled student"

A window will pop up and ask for the unenrolled student's student ID and Last Name. You must fill out both fields then click Search. **Please note that the Last Name field is case sensitive.

After that, it will take you to the unenrolled student's page. From there, you can click on Intervention Report, filter out the years and types of reports that you would need. You may click on the Print button to print, or Save as PDF to download a PDF file.

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