When you log in to Branching Minds you will land on the Students page. On left side of the screen, you will see the main navigation bar under the Branching Minds logo. The list of main navigation buttons are as follows:

1) Check off icon: takes you to your to-do list.

2) Student icon: takes you to the Students page where you will see all students you have access to.

3) Group icon: takes you to the intervention groups that have been created that you have access to

4) Book icon: takes you to the Supports Library for each topic area

5) School icon: Managers and District Admin can manage staff, survey invites, and tier levels, and user permissions

6) Graph icon: Managers and District Admin can use this button to access a number of reports for their school and or/district

7) Chat icon: opens a live chat with our customer support team

8) Gear icon: Certain Managers and District Admin can use these Settings configure their school and district's drop-down menu options, supports library, letter and form templates, testing accommodations, and more

9) Life raft/Lifesaver icon: Takes you to our Branching Minds library of help articles and video tutorials

10) Timer/clock icon: Allows user to log off the platform

There are also icons that appear on the To-Do List page. The three icons displayed below represent Academic Progress Monitoring, Interventions/Supports, and Goals:

The key icon represents and access request from another user:

The icons below represent a survey invite request and a behavior incident that needs to be reviewed:

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