To access the Manage Staff page click on the manage icon of a school building, and then select Manage Staff:

You can search across staff using the filters button on the right hand side. If you are a district admin you can also switch between the Staff Members and District Admins tabs--to change who has district admin status, please chat the BrM team.

These will allow you to filter staff by School, Grades and whether the staff have Overdue To Do's.

Below the filter section, you can also choose to select staff individually, or click Select All/Deselect All, Export Data, or use the search bar below the filters to search for staff by their name. There is also the option to select Actions, and generate an email to any staff selected--for example, if you want to email teachers who have overdue To-Do's to ask if they need support, or teachers who have resolved all of their To Do's to say good job!

Within each staff member card, on the left you can see their name, see a count of schools they are associated with (tip: hover over to see which schools they are associated with), and count of students and groups they are associated with, and when they were last seen on the platform; on the right side you can see how many current To Do's they have next to the green check, how many overdue To Do's they have next to the red check and whether they have teacher or manager level access to the platform. You can change their access from here, as well as which schools they are associated with:

If you select the ... you can also manage their school associations.

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