The Behavior Incident Report provides a variety of different visual and graphical representations of behavior incidents that have been added into the Branching Minds, either directly through the platform or through a data upload. 

The Behavior Incident Report can be accessed through the Reports menu on the left hand panel.

From the Behavior Incident Report page you can select a time period to review incidents from and a series of filters by which to sort incidents. The available filters allow educators to view subsets of their behavior incident data based on the date/time of the incident, school, staff, etc. District admins can use this filtering to view behavior incidents for a specific school, school level managers or teachers can use this to view behavior incidents for a specific set of students or incidents reported by specific staff. 

After applying the filters, the resulting graphs will only represent incidents satisfying those filters.

Below the graphs is a table which lists all of the behavior incidents that have been logged. This table can be exported into a CSV file for further reporting outside of Branching Minds.

Example of export: 

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