Branching Minds currently offers three options for integrating with your student information system (SIS):


Integrating your SIS through Clever allows for the most flexibility in sharing and filtering the data you send to Branching Minds, and comes at no cost to the district. To share your SIS data through Clever you will need to add Branching Minds as an application through Clever

Once you have added Branching Minds as an application, you can then begin sharing your student, teacher, and admin information through Clever. Any schools listed in Clever that are not working with Branching Minds will be filtered out in Clever, and their data will not be uploaded into Branching Minds. 

To integrate your SIS through Classlink, you will need to add Branching Minds as an application through Classlink, and begin sending your data over. 

Integrating with Classlink does come at a fee to the district, paid to Classlink. 


For districts who wish to manually manage their SIS integration, SIS information can also be sent to Branching Minds through SFTP. CSV files can be sent nightly to a secure SFTP set up for the district, and must adhere to the OneRoster specifications


RIC One enables districts in New York to share their student and teacher data. To integrate your data through RIC One, you will need to add Branching Minds through the RIC One console and begin sharing your data.

RIC One is only available to districts located in New York.

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