The Intervention Usage Report shows an overview of all of the supports that have been added to an intervention plan created in Branching Minds. Additional filters at the top of the page allow users to view interventions being used for a specific subset of students and student groups. District admins can use this filtering to see intervention usage at specific schools, and school level managers can use this to view intervention usage for specific grade levels: 

The Intervention Usage Report shows if plans are being made with free or paid supports, evidence based supports, as well as the fidelity of the plans being created. The table at the bottom of the report lists which supports have been added to plans, and provides additional detail around how the supports are being used. This table can be exported to a CSV file for further reporting outside of Branching Minds. 

Example of export: 

The Intervention Usage Report can be accessed through the Reports menu on the left hand panel: 

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