You can use Branching Minds to document if a student that you work with is receiving any external services. 

From the Students page, click on the student that you are adding services for. Once you're on that student's Overview page, click on the green plus button to add Services:

From the corresponding Log Service modal, you can fill in information regarding what services this student is receiving. You can add the date that the student received the service, along with who was responsible for delivering the service, the service type, and length/location of the service, additional attachments and notes:

Please note that you will only see services and vendors listed as options in the dropdown if they have been added as an option in Branching Minds by a manager at your school. 

If you do not see a service or vendor that you need as an option in Branching Minds, you can reach out to a manager at your school to add it. If you are a manager, you can read this article to learn more about how to add services and vendors as an option in Branching Minds. 

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