Once you have created a behavior intervention plan that includes a goal + progress monitor, the participating teachers will be able to record their progress monitoring on their To Do list.

Logging Behavior Progress Monitoring from the teacher's To Do list:

  1. From the teacher's To Do list, scroll down to the Behavior Progress Monitor you for which you would like to record scores and notes

  2. Click Add on the day of the week for which you would like to log data

  3. Within the modal record any of the scores or notes (the blue square is a note field), and click save

  4. Once you are done for the week, click the Blue Checkmark to record your entries

To see logged Behavior Progress Monitoring:

Go to the student's Behavior Plan + Progress page, and scroll down to the Goal + Progress Monitoring section that you would like to review.

For any logged goals and progress monitors you can review the plan's date range, goal, goal score, description of goal and who is supposed to evaluate the goal:

To see any logged progress monitoring data associated with that goal, you can click on the down arrows to expand this section, or up arrows to collapse it:

From there you can click on the + to collapse or expand all logged data by the day:

PRO TIP: You can always click expand all or collapse all on the top of the page.

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