Branching Minds makes it easy to create template letters that will streamline family communications school wide.

Step 1: Create Letter templates in Microsoft Word

Template letters should be created using Microsoft Word and can include a variety of insertable variables that make it easy to personalize the letters. For more information on these variables, read the Reference Guide on Family Communication Templates

Step 2: Navigate to the Manage Family Communications Page:

On Branching Minds, click on the settings cog, then click Family Communication.

Step 3: Add a New Family Communication Template

Select the school(s) that you would like to add the template to from the dropdown menu, and then click Add New Template:

Add the name for the template letter then upload the Word document, and click Save:

Step 4: Use Templates to Send Family Communications

Once you have added a template for a school, teachers from that school will be able to generate letters for students from the Family Communication section of their Overview page. When teachers generate a letter, Branching Minds will automatically replace all of the variables with each student's information.

Editing, Downloading and Deleting Family Communication Templates

Once a family communication template has been added, use the icons on the right side of the page to edit, download or delete any template.

The pencil allows you to edit the template. Clicking the arrow will download the template, and clicking the trash can will delete the template.

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